About us

The inaugural meeting of Falkirk Round Table was held on 24th April 1950 and formally charted on 7th November 1950 and has worked to serve both the ideals established by Louis Marchesi and the people of Falkirk.​
Round Table is all about having fun with a group of friends while at the same time trying to help the local community.

Round Table started with just one man's idea. Louis Marchesi was a member of Rotary in Norwich but had the brainwave of starting a new organisation for young men between the ages of 18-45.

Round Table was born with the motto 'Adopt, Adapt, Improve' and from small beginnings of one club in Norwich, Louis' dream has become a reality, with currently some 750 clubs and 10,000 members.

Round Tables operate individually but with a common cause, and together they form The National Association of Round Tables of Great Britain and Ireland (RTBI). Regional groups of Round Tables are linked together in Areas, like Area 51 Central Scotland. But that's not all - Round Table exists throughout the world and has links with like-minded clubs internationally.